DITP has overcame COVID-19 pandemic and drastically carried out the plan of the only SMT high-tech electronics factory in the Central of Vietnam.

Overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, DaNang Information Technology Development Joint Stock Company (DITP) has drastically carried out according to the schedule of operation the only SMT high-tech electronics manufacturing and assembly factory in the Central of Vietnam.

On July 5, 2020, the first shipment of machinery and equipment of the SMT high-tech electronics manufacturing and assembly factory was arrived and stored in Da Nang Seaport to complete Customs Clearance. This is the first importation of DITP to serve the incubation project: research, production, assembly of high-tech electronics.

The total investment capital of the project is 7 million USD. The factory is implemented on an area of 1,000m2 with 3 lines SMT (Surface mounted Technology) and operated in the form of manufacturing and assembling electronic circuits by order, producing turnkey electronics .

The imported equipment and machinery are manufactured by Yamaha Brand in Japan, 100% new and original. Types of these equipment and machinery  in this phase include: Yamaha SMT Mounter, Model YSM20R-2 –Type PV c/w accessories; Yamaha SMT Printer, Model YCP – 10 c/w accessories; Yamaha Solder Paste Inspection Machine, Model YSI-SP c/w accessories; Yamaha Optical PCB Inspection Machine, Model YSi-V c/w accessories.

As expected, in the next 3 batches of imported goods on schedule, DITP will complete installation before October and put into trial operation in November 2020. Official operation time for the factory will be around early 2021, all the machines will be applied on DITP production lines.