Opening Ceremony of The SMT high-tech electronics equipment research, production and assembly project

On October 17, 2020, the first high-tech information technology project on the research, manufacture and assembly of high-tech electronic equipment Surface Mount Technology (abbreviation: SMT) was inaugurated, which contributes to the realization of Resolution 43 of the Politburo on "Building and developing Da Nang city until 2030, with a vision to 2045".

Ribbon- cutting ceremony 

As an area that is "focused on development", Resolution 43 of the Politburo defines Danang "To become one of the major socio-economic centers of the country and Southeast Asia as a center for start-up, innovation, commercial tourism, finance, high-tech industrial logistics, information technology, supporting industries;… ”. Information technology, electronics and telecommunications industry associated with the digital economy is one of the five key sectors, serving Da Nang's economic development with a vision to 2030-2045.

The Project of Researching, manufacturing and assembling high-tech electronic equipment SMT is the first opening step towards the development orientation of information technology of Da Nang, accompanying in the information technology field are software parks, technology parks, incubation, sub-projects and more than 341 hectares of technical infrastructure, facilities of the Danang IT Park, of which 131 hectares of phase 1 have completed the infrastructure and was issued Decision 27 / QD-TTg on the establishment, effective from the date of January 6, 2020 by the Prime Minister. Parallel, phase 02 of the project Danang IT Park will also soon be deployed synchronously right after the People's Committee of Da Nang City hands over the site to the investor.

Agreeing with the Politburo's vision in Resolution 43, March 18, 2020, the Prime Minister decided “Approving the adjustment of the city's socio-economic development master plan Da Nang to 2020, vision to 2030 ”. The Danang IT Park project is the first of the five projects that are prioritized for development in terms of project finance and production space distribution. This is entirely due to the financial independence and drastic qualities of the Investor – Danang Information Technology Park Development Joint Stock Company.
As the first opening step for Da Nang in the field of Information Technology, Surface Mount Technology (abbreviation: SMT) is the electronics industry with circuit board technology, also known as surface gluing, is the main technology used to assemble boards in the manufacture of electronic equipment. The use of SMT technology brings highly automated production, improving operational productivity as well as creating active flexibility in the process of changing electronic product details.

Mr Peter leads VIP Delegates to visit 03 line SMT at High-Tech Factory

Using SMT technology, Trungnam EMS puts into operation 3 production lines with a capacity of up to 6,200,000 products in a year. Trungnam EMS is also planning to expand the production area applying modern technology with the workshop area A2B4, in which the first floor has 8 production lines with SMT technology and the second floor produces electronic components that meets international standards for the region and the world.

The project of researching, manufacturing and assembling high-tech electronics Surface Mount Technology, inaugurated by Trungnam EMS Joint Stock Company on October 17, 2020 is the first practical demonstration for domestic and foreign investors to research and officially invest in Vietnam after a long period of appreciation of the development potential of Da Nang city.

Mr. Peter Huynh with 20 years of experience working with Technology Companies in Silicon Valley, USA, is Chief Operating Officer of Trungnam EMS sharing about his ambition to master the manufacturing process of products, meeting strict standards due to Silicon Valley's high technology standards. This is really not easy when the United States is always ranked top 5 in world technology standards. To solve this problem, he must directly find and recruit a team of senior engineers achieving the criteria and experience, talent and dedication to the project.

With the greatest ambition of being a pioneer in the process with independent capital, technology autonomy and 100% Vietnamese operation team, the engineers of Trungnam EMS are the first opening the spiral for the "parallel supply-demand" situation of the personnel market. Mr Peter Huynh emphasized: “Our country's staff is very good, the quality of technology is very high, overcoming the language barrier, but we have not really proven this to the foreign investors. This is the biggest bottleneck. ”

Da Nang IT zone with a total project scale of 341 hectares is planned in 2 phases. Phase 1 has an area of 131 hectares with a total investment of 47 million USD, phase 2 has an area of 210 hectares with a total investment of 74 million USD, located in Hoa Lien commune, Hoa Vang district, by Danang IT Park Development Joint Stock Company as an investor.
Danang IT Park has a vision to become one of the best information technology development communities in Asia in Da Nang city following the Silicon Valley model of the United States.


Trung Nam EMS Joint Stock Company is a company established with the goal of specialization, in charge of operating and managing the centralized information technology park of Da Nang - Danang IT Park.
At present, Trungnam EMS has completed investment in 5 specialized factories serving information technology and communication, with 2 floors; 01 showroom with 3 floors in area A2 and 01 2-storey workshop meeting the standards of high-tech factory, integrated with auxiliary features for multiple purposes.