Da Nang students can access the largest data area in Vietnam

That is the commitment of Mr. Nguyen Anh Huy - General Director of Da Nang Information Technology Park Development Joint Stock Company (Management Board of Da Nang Hi-Tech Park and Industrial Parks) at the meeting and cooperation with VNUK - Institute of Research and Executive Education on December 3.

According to Mr. Huy, if comparing in terms of human resources, Da Nang cannot compare with the two bridgeheads in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or recently emerging city such as Binh Duong and Bac Giang. Although the education system in Da Nang is very good, there is a "weakness" that is less friction.

“While in the service industry,  there are a lot of human resources know Japanese - Korean - Chinese . They have a good foundation, and come constantly into contact with professional environment, so their quality is high. Human resources in technology have not yet met the needs of enterprises.
Mr. Huy cited, recently, when LG Group invested in Da Nang, they had to hire personnel in Hanoi, and then his company itself had to bring in human resources from the US to train local human resources.

“We have to create many opportunities for students and lecturers to come constantly into contact with reality and apply the knowledge they have learned and practice. Our factory is ready to put out products for you to study, research, practice and prototype production. Then, the company's experts will correct the error so that you can learn immediately.

In addition, at the centralized information technology park, which is developing the largest data center in Vietnam (Data Center) according to Tier 3 Plus standards with a total cost of 100 million USD, it is a good channel for students to access”, Mr. Huy added.
Meanwhile, Mr. Pham Truong Son - Head of the Management Board of Da Nang Hi-Tech Park and Industrial Park suggested a new direction of cooperation, which is to work with VNUK to study and issue certificates on circuit design for students.

“Businesses and schools work together to grant vocational certificates to create conditions for students to learn and experience in a professional and practical working environment. These students can design the boards themselves, then the business will fix the errors, check the workmanship to issue the certificate.”

Mr. Son also suggested that, in the near future, businesses will need a number of "hot" professions such as: 3D printing, chip manufacturing, etc. The school can base on that to have a suitable training orientation.

At the meeting, the two sides also agreed to carry out research activities and career development orientations.

In particular, the Management Board of Da Nang Hi-Tech Park and Industrial Parks supports and advises on administrative procedures for VNUK in proposing and ordering scientific and technological tasks; associating in teaching and training human resources with undergraduate and graduate degrees for Nanotechnology, Biomedical Science, Computer Science and Engineering; supporting the development of high-quality human resources to serve the Hi-Tech Park and businesses in Da Nang city; creating conditions for experts and scientists working at the Management Board of Da Nang Hi-Tech Parks and Industrial Parks to participate in teaching at VNUK in order to provide practical experience from research and production activities to students.

According to Dr. Nguyen Thi My Huong, Director of the Vietnam-UK Institute for Research and Training, these discussions and cooperation will help further link training and labor market needs, ensure careers for students after graduation.

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